Terms & Policies

Thank you for your choosing Sunkissed Letters for your special event. Please read the following Terms & Policies before booking.

Pricing & Payments

Pricing: Most of the pricing for my calligraphy and lettering services is determined on a project by project basis. Parameters such as the size and scope of the project, materials used, and the complexity of the design will all factor into the quote provided. The estimate is subject to change over the course of the project according to costs associated with sourcing materials and any changes to the project requested by the client. The client must approve the estimate before booking, and a final invoice will be sent to the client prior to completion of the project.

Booking: To book my services, upon confirming my availability during your timeline, please send an email to hello@sunkissedletters,com indicating your approval of the estimate and that you have read and agree to the terms and policies on this page. Please also send a 50% deposit via email money transfer to hello@sunkissedletters.com. Once I have received your email and deposit I will send you a confirmation email along with information about next steps.

Changes & Cancellations: Once a project has been approved and the design process has begun, a project can only be refunded 50% minus cost of any materials already sourced, A 50% refund will be sent to you upon cancellation of a project with 90 days of notice prior to the due date. Any cancellations with less than 90 days of notice are non-refundable. Any minor additions in the project scope (less than $200) will be reflected in the final invoice. An updated quote will be provided for additions greater than $200 and a 50% deposit to the balance will be required at that time. Any additions made in the final two weeks are subject to a rush fee of 50%. Any additions made after a project is completed are subject to a set up fee of $25.

Project Completion: Prior to completion of your project, I will send you a final invoice. Please send an email money transfer with the remaining balancto hello@sunkissedletters.com prior to picking up your works. Alternatively, I also accept cash upon pick up.


Some clients like to send me lots of photos of stationery and signage they've been inspired by, while others prefer to just send me a description of their wedding theme and allow me the artistic freedom to take care of the rest! I enjoy both methods, and everything in between.

Email Communication: For ease of record keeping, I prefer to communicate through email. That way we have an identical record of everything we discuss and agree on.

Inspirational Photos: While I greatly appreciate the guidance of a photo that can aid in the design process, I must decline any copying of another artist's unique lettering or other artistic styles. As artists, we take pride in our work and commit a great deal of time and effort into developing our own styles and expertise. Please refer to my calligraphy and lettering selections to determine if my work suits your vision; however if it is another artist's work you desire, I'm sure they would be honoured to work with you! 

Proofing: Where a design proof is sent to a client, it is extremely important that the client check for correct times, dates, and spelling of all words in addition to design elements. Once final approval for the Final Proof is received, you are giving Sunkissed Letters permission to print all pieces as they appear. Once approved, no changes can be made to the Final Proof and Sunkissed Letters will not be held responsible for any errors found after your approval.

Perfectly Imperfect: The nature of hand drawn stationery and signage is that every piece is unique. Imperfections are part of this unique quality and can be expected any time you choose to have something hand drawn. Clients must accept that final hand lettering for event signage may differ slightly from our plan, but if I deviate significantly from an approved design I will be discussing the issues with you as they arise. Each piece is a single work of art and must be appreciated as such.


I look forward to working with you!!