My name is Estelle Sun, I am a Toronto-based calligrapher and lettering artist. I've spent my whole life dabbling in the arts and scribbling out letters to friends in the prettiest writing I could muster. Luckily for me, there is still a real appreciation for hand drawn artwork and this led me down the path to bespoke wedding stationery and signage. My lettering style is heavily influenced by both traditional penmanship and modern calligraphy and my main tools are dip pens, paint brushes, and chalk. I love what I do, I'm constantly inspired by all the talented artists around me, and I'm forever learning and honing my skills. 

Outside of Sunkissed Letters, I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl, and on the very rare occasion that I have some free time, I generally spend it eating, reading, and gazing at the stars.